November 16, 2021

Your Tip Could Make a Difference!

It’s #FraudWeek and we have a hot tip for preventing crime: it’s you! 

It takes a community to fight fraud and law enforcement professionals need as much information as possible to solve and prevent crimes. At Équité Association, we appreciate tips from the public to help us share insurance fraud information with our investigation partners and help find trends to detect criminal activity.

To make the process simpler for insurance fraud, we’ve updated our online tips forms! There are less fields to complete; it is plainer language; and we’ve provided examples of information needed. Visit > Report Insurance Fraud. If you think you’ve witnessed or been the victim of an insurance-related fraud or crime, submit a tip online or call our confidential tip line at 1-877-422-TIPS for service in English and 1-866-422-4331 for service in French. We appreciate all tips, big or small!

We know people are often reluctant to provide a tip when they see something wrong. They may not feel the offence was serious enough to be worth reporting, or they may assume someone else has reported it. But even the smallest bit of information can help investigators prevent a criminal activity before it happens. Your tip could be the final piece of the puzzle.

Insurance fraud affects everyone in the form of higher insurance premiums and taxes. In 2018 the Insurance Institute of Canada reported an estimated 5 to 15% of auto insurance premiums go towards fraudulent claims, and it estimated a cost of $1.6 billion or more each year to tax payers. Fraud schemes such as fake accidents also put the public’s safety at risk, while needlessly consuming court and health care resources.

We encourage you to stay vigilant and be alert to any suspicious activity. Even if you’re unsure whether or not something is insurance fraud, there’s no harm in reporting the information. You never know how valuable your tip might be!