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Raising insurance fraud and crime awareness through information sharing and collaboration.
Awareness leads to prevention
We provide best-in-class fraud prevention and investigation services driven by analytics and trends to enhance fraud crime knowledge and awareness.
Équité Investigation Group (EIG)

The Équité Investigation Group (EIG) serves as an operational advisory sub-group for the Équité Advisory Group (EAG) to share industry perspective, advice, recommendations and ideas for the express purpose of preventing and reducing insurance crime. The EIG is a diverse stakeholder group of subject matter experts focused on fraud and insurance crime in the insurance industry. Specific areas of focus include:

Industry priorities in the overall prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of insurance crime.
Strategic advice, support and recommendations on key matters related to insurance crime.
Insurance crime trends, patterns, criminal activities and abuse within the system. 
Investigation Coordination and Support Service (ICSS)

Our investigators examine suspected stolen vehicles to identify them and bring about their recovery. When investigating serious criminal offences involving stolen vehicles, law enforcement agencies often request the assistance of Équité investigators who are trained as expert witnesses to help identify stolen vehicles and execute search warrants. 

Collaborating with Law Enforcement

In addition to investigative collaboration, Équité investigators deliver training at police colleges and conferences across the country. When requested, our investigators present to member companies, providing insight into patterns of vehicle theft, methods and tools being used, and areas most commonly affected.

We also participate at town hall meetings regarding cargo theft. Law enforcement, the trucking industry, insurers and members of local government have an opportunity to share concerns, provide concepts to prevent thefts and work towards safer communities. 


Our tip hotline (1-877-422-TIPS) allows the general public to report an insurance crime to be investigated. Reported information is analyzed and validated by our Investigative Services team. Member companies and other stakeholders who may be affected are informed of the results of the investigation.

To report a tip anonymously, please contact our partners at Crime Stoppers Canada at 1-800-222-TIPS or complete their online form.

Information Sharing

Crime statistics, trend information and detailed case studies of insurance crime investigations conducted by Équité play a key role in raising awareness of insurance crime and its impacts on honest, hardworking Canadians. Vigilance is key to fraud prevention; Équité produces forums, webinars, and reports aimed at raising awareness and keeping members informed. Our investigators train law enforcement and member company staff in all areas of insurance crime detection and prevention: auto, cargo and heavy equipment theft, VIN identification, staged collisions, and organized insurance fraud.

Other Équité Products & Services
Advanced Analytics & Countermeasures
Through integrated advanced analytics and investigations, we analyze data across insurers to identify fraud cases that would otherwise go undetected.
Investigative Services
We enhance and enable cross-insurer investigations with vehicle and hard asset recovery and identification services. Collaborating with members and partners, we bolster insurance fraud and crime investigations across the country.
Provincial Auto Theft Network (PATNET)

The PATNET program is a method of bringing together auto and cargo theft investigators from law enforcement across the provinces. Équité invites law enforcement and Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) investigators to annual training, discussing and developing trends, and sharing investigative techniques.

Investigators discuss auto theft trends, techniques and patterns. Case studies and successful methods of investigation are shared. The majority of organized auto theft crosses many jurisdictions, as well as provincial and international borders. The program currently operates in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.


Investigative Services Breaking News

We keep our members informed via alerts to member companies about recent insurance crimes and the outcomes of Équité investigations. Occasionally, alerts are also issued at the request of law enforcement who require assistance in investigating crimes.