Reporting & Emerging Trends

Leveraging our pooled data from investigations and the insurance industry, we provide reporting that keeps our members informed of fraud and insurance crime trends.
Keep up with tomorrow
Through our analytics, we provide reporting services on recent crimes, investigation outcomes, and to demonstrate each member’s fraud levels relative to industry.
Claims Information Search

Through Équité, our member companies have access to a wide range of claims information including automobile losses, vehicle salvage and branding information, vehicle thefts, casualty claims including accident benefits, and bodily injury loss information.


Samples of reports that Members can expect:

Investigation Coordination Support Service (ICSS) Report Card
Investigative Insights
Half-year Value Report
Top 10 Stolen Vehicles
Breaking News Releases
Other Équité Products & Services
Investigative Services
We enhance and enable cross-insurer investigations with vehicle and hard asset recovery and identification services. Collaborating with members and partners, we bolster insurance fraud and crime investigations across the country.
Advanced Analytics & Countermeasures
Through integrated advanced analytics and investigations, we analyze data across insurers to identify fraud cases that would otherwise go undetected.