Founded in 2021, Équité Association was created to protect Canadians and contribute to a more equitable world by tackling insurance fraud and crime.

As a not-for-profit organization, Équité Association supports Canadian insurers to fight fraud by using advanced analytics, intelligence best practices, and coordinated investigations.

We are proudly industry-founded and member-driven: our members are invested in protecting their customers and keeping crime out of Canada.

In February 2020, the advisory group comprised of members from across the property & casualty industry proposed a plan for a single anti-fraud entity, consolidating anti-fraud services and creating a collaboration framework for the industry.

Combining expert investigative services and advanced analytics, Équité provides the industry with a unified organization, delivering improved service and fraud analytics for vehicle and cargo recovery. Leveraging existing relationships with law enforcement, committees, and industry organizations, Équité Association delivers value to its members and Canadians by working to eradicate insurance fraud and crime.  

Giving the industry a central vantage point on insurance crime