Analytics & 

We analyze data across insurers to identify fraud cases that would otherwise go undetected.
Driven by a collaborative industry
By leading the Canadian industry’s intelligence sharing consortium, and participating within a global context, we’re further enabling the reduction and prevention of insurance fraud and crime.
Analyzing Insurance Fraud & Crime Data

Équité strives to create a coordinated effort to facilitate the identification and investigation of cross-insurer fraud. This service facilitates cross-insurer collaboration, identifies best practices to assist insurers in detecting and deterring potentially fraudulent providers, and takes action to reduce cross-insurer fraud. 

Équité analysts collect, analyze and disseminate information related to organized insurance crime, injury and auto rings investigations, and cargo crime. This information supports Équité investigators, law enforcement, and member companies to assist in their investigations and eradication of insurance-related crime.

Fraud Analytics & Solutions Team (FAST)

Équité has a growing data and analytics service to develop the reach and speed of access to relevant data.

Cybercrime and cyber criminals are leveraging new technology faster than individual organizations can keep pace. Centralizing data mining, analysis and modeling across the industry empowers everyone to leverage both scale and depth of data from one source. Working with our members, FAST examines advanced technology and data modelling best practices used around the globe, to ensure the use of a world-class technology to identify fraudulent patterns, and to extract insights from the data.

Auto Find / AutoVu

Équité operates Auto Find and AutoVu jointly with law enforcement and GENETEC, a supplier of camera technology. Cameras, mounted on police vehicles, scan license plates of parked cars and cross-reference them with a list of stolen vehicles updated daily by the Canadian Police Information Centre. Our investigators work with police to verify the theft before notifying the affected insurer and facilitating a speedy recovery. 


KeyReads is a powerful intelligence-gathering tool that uses software to extract information from car key fobs. This potent source of data can inform and support fraud investigations and can enhance internal fraud detection and accelerate claims processing. 

Ontario VIN Replacement Program

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) are often removed or altered after a vehicle is stolen. Since 1998, Équité's Investigative Services team continues to operates a service to issue and affix VIN replacement plates when the original number has been removed or altered. As part of this process, an extensive inspection of the vehicle is completed to determine its true identity and origin. This program may also provide new VINs for rebuilt vehicles. Rebuilt vehicles must undergo a safety inspection with the ministry to be deemed road safe.

Other Équité Products & Services
Investigative Services
We enhance and enable cross-insurer investigations with vehicle and hard asset recovery and identification services. Collaborating with members and partners, we bolster insurance fraud and crime investigations across the country.
Reporting & Emerging Trends
Through our analytics, we provide reporting services to demonstrate each member’s fraud levels relative to industry and monitor recent insurance fraud and crimes to identify emerging trends.