May 25, 2023

How Équité Association is setting the pace for combating insurance crime in 2023

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With 54% of Canadians still living pay cheque to pay cheque1 insurance crime has real and devastating consequences for those affected by it. Insurance was created to provide a foundation of security, and insurance crime fundamentally undermines this system and compromises our safety and security. Vehicle theft, in particular, has become a national crisis with an unprecedented number of vehicles being stolen across the country. These vehicles are either sold to unsuspecting consumers in Canada or are exported and sold overseas for illegal financial gain – with the proceeds funding organized crime.

Insurers are doing more than ever before to protect their customers. Équité Association joins in that mission by working to detect and prevent insurance crime, making our communities safer. Équité’s hard work in the fight against insurance crime is shaping our 2023 accomplishments, which include investing in innovative technology and expertise, continuing to act as subject matter experts in partnership with law enforcement agencies across the country, and raising public awareness to protect Canadians.

Investing in innovative technology and expertise

From fraudulent claims to auto theft, today’s criminals are using increasingly sophisticated technologies to commit crime. To respond to the complex and evolving technologies used by criminals, Équité developed and implemented data privacy and security frameworks that underpin our technology and architecture. Today, we continue to invest in top tech talent, leading-edge technology and data-driven investigations. In Q1 of 2023, Équité’s Chief Data & Technology Officer, Angel Yau-Vandenburg, was named one of The Globe and Mail’s 2023 Report on Business magazine's Best Executives, which is an outstanding acknowledgment of her leadership and expertise.

Continuing to act as subject matter experts in partnership with law enforcement agencies across the country

Équité’s investigators are subject matter experts in examining suspected stolen vehicles to determine their identity. Lending their expertise in an effort to prevent stolen vehicles from being exported internationally, Équité’s investigators work with local law enforcement, as well as the Canada Border Services Agency at the Ports of Montreal, Halifax and Saint John to recover vehicles and disrupt the export of stolen vehicles. By leveraging relationships with law enforcement, partners, and industry organizations, we are invested in diminishing insurance crime in Canada and protecting all Canadians. In Q1 2023, Jacques Lamontagne, Director, Quebec and Atlantic Regions, led our teams of investigators at the ports to recover over 300 vehicles with an estimated value of $17 million. Additionally, Équité’s Investigation Coordination and Support Service (ICSS) leads members through large, cross-insurer, and complex investigations. With unparalleled experience in fraud investigations, leading knowledge on strategy and investigative approaches, ICSS achieves meaningful and tangible results while protecting Canadian consumers from Insurance crimes.

Raising public awareness to protect Canadians

Our experts are providing real advice that contributes to protecting Canadians against insurance crime, such as sharing industry insight, commenting on emerging trends, and supporting police and government services. So far, in 2023, our spokespeople have been quoted or interviewed by top tier Canadian outlets such as the CBC, Radio-Canada, Toronto Star, CTV Morning Live, Global News, Journal Metro, NewsTalk 1010, CJAD Montreal, Canadian Underwriter and Today’s Trucking, among many others. Our spokespeople underscore the collective expertise and dedication of the Canadian property and casualty (P&C) industry to identify insurance crime in order to help create safer communities for all honest, hardworking Canadians.

From fraudulent claims to auto theft, the insurance fraud landscape is changing and growing. Équité brings together industry expertise to prevent and disrupt insurance crime to support our members in safeguarding Canadians. By collaborating with law enforcement, partners, and industry organizations, we able to provide best-in-class prevention and defense against all insurance crimes.

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