June 5, 2023
Terri O'Brien

Establishing our roots to create sustainable, long-term change

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Équité Association had a tremendous foundational year establishing deeper connections with our members and partners, while investing in leading-edge technology and progressing on our multi-year strategy.

In 2022, the industry saw a significant and concerning rise in vehicle thefts – approximately 48% and 50% increases in Ontario and Quebec, respectively, over the previous year. Équité successfully completed the first full year of a three-year strategic plan and saw the positive impact and tremendous value delivered to members, while also being responsive during this period of increased insurance crime.

How we are creating long-term change through investments and projects

  • We completed the foundational development of our advanced analytics platform. Members will continue to see the benefits from further integrated and data-driven investigations.
  • We optimized investigations by leaning on strategic partnerships, standardizing frameworks, and adding more collaborative intelligence sharing channels.  
  • We developed and implemented our data privacy and security frameworks that underpin our technology and architecture.
  • We evolved the Équité Advisory Group (EAG), comprised of senior industry executive leaders appointed by member organizations. With a new mandate, the group’s focus shifted to creating consensus on the industry’s needs for new products and services.

Insurance crime always has a victim. Whether in our neighbourhoods and homes, or the fear and loss it leaves behind for hardworking Canadians, it often targets the most marginalized in our society. Each success moves the industry towards our vision of reducing and preventing insurance crime and its impacts on Canadians. Our accomplishments in 2022 set the groundwork for sustainable, long-term change that will continue to enhance value for our members and their customers into 2023 and beyond.

For more information about our year one journey, the Équité Association 2022 Annual Report is available on our website.