June 22, 2022

Équité Association’s First Annual General Meeting

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Équité Association is pleased to announce our first Annual General Meeting (AGM), which will be held online on June 23. This pivotal event is an important opportunity for us to engage with members, hear from Équité’s esteemed Board Chair, Jason Storah, CEO of Aviva Canada, and a very special guest, Ben Fletcher, Managing Director, from the Insurance Fraud Bureau in the United Kingdom.  

Our upcoming AGM represents the culmination of the collaboration of our members, partners, and employees throughout 2021.  

Success in 2021

In our foundational year, Équité Association focused its efforts on delivering value to our members with our Investigative Services Division and by mapping a state-of-the-art fraud detection vision with our Fraud & Analytics Solutions Team. Strengthening these critical service areas ensures the underpinning of a strong foundation of a national approach.

While launching a new, independent and not-for-profit organization, and establishing a three-year strategic plan, Équité also continued to deliver the services upon which our members have come to rely. We instantiated a board of accomplished industry CEOs and an advisory committee of senior executives while delivering member value of $89.7 million across our six main service areas. We completed two acquisitions while recruiting new talent. And, we developed our Vision, Mission, and Values statements that underpin our corporate culture with the core principle of investing in each other’s success.

We stay connected to our values and incorporate them into every business decision we make. Our values underscore what we care about most – being a results-based organization – setting the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable, and they inspire us to bring our best selves to work and act as a rallying point for our teams.

Collaboration is Key

We are part of a larger ecosystem, united by the goal of reducing insurance fraud and protecting honest, hardworking Canadians. Our foundational year saw remarkable accomplishments. We have not done it alone. Équité owes its success to our member insurers who came together to create this organization, as well as the agencies, sister organizations, and talented employees who joined us in partnership that continues to drive positive momentum.

In 2022, we will achieve even more auto and cargo recoveries. We will work with our members to support their data needs and build the system that brings the industry, the intelligence, and advanced analytics necessary to take fraud detection to the next level. We will collaborate on cross-insurer investigations that make real inroads into eradicating fraud and dismantling the criminal organizations who perpetrate it. We will continue to monitor the landscape and to engage with consumers to ensure we are on the forefront of new and emerging risks.

Now is a critical time for engagement and connection. AGMs may be a business requirement, but they also represent an opportunity to engage with our members and community. On the precipice of our first AGM, we are pleased to share our passion for tackling insurance fraud and crime with our members!