February 9, 2023
Terri O'Brien

ÉQ Connect: How We are Connecting with Purpose

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As human beings, we are wired to seek meaningful connections. Whether professionally or personally, connecting with something outside of ourselves gives us purpose. That sense of purpose is what makes us feel as though what we do matters. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Purpose also fuels our engagement; it motivates us to contribute, pushes us to overcome obstacles, and equips us with greater resiliency.

It only makes sense that great things happen when you connect with purpose. At Équité Association,one of the most important things we do is connect with our members. The force that drives any not-for-profit association is its membership. They act as the foundation, providing the funding, feedback, and the fuel to inspire core objectives. They are truly at the heart of the organization.

At Équité, one of the areas we are focusing on for 2023 is member engagement and deeper connections. Engagement is a critical aspect of Équité Association’s strategic values since it delivers to our members needs, invites participation, keeps communication channels open, and builds collaborative relationships. To achieve success, it requires the active participation of leadership, and all employees of Équité throughout the entire member engagement lifecycle.

An actively engaged, member-driven organization has a better handle on the pulse of those it serves, and its members receive the kind of support and relevant information they expect from the relationship. This year, Équité is investing in strategic consultations with members to advance issues that are most important for the industry, connecting, and raise the profile of Équité members and their efforts to fight insurance crime.

With this in mind, I am happy to share that we have developed an exciting and robust member engagement program: ÉQ Connect. For 2023, this program is anchored in a series of strategic consultations with members to mature and build our corporate strategy.  

In order to be world-class at reducing insurance crime and its impacts on honest, hard-working Canadians, we are inviting members to take part in these strategic consultations, which will allow us to align on direction and provide core insights to inform the evolution of our strategic initiatives.

It is critical to gain further insight into what our members are feeling, then establish – through consultations – a strategy that elaborates on our long-term strategic direction. This will enable members to maximize the value of their membership and influence change.

By opening up the dialogue and encouraging member participation – regularly sharing relevant information, conducting face-to-face interactive sessions, and allowing members seamless opportunities to provide input and feedback – we enhance member engagement. The result is a successful relationship with more active members who constructively exchange ideas, feel valued, and, in turn, become Équité ambassadors.

At Équité Association, we focus on being of service to our members and, in turn, to Canadians. To learn more about how we are changing the insurance industry for the better, please visit www.equiteassociation.ca.