Showing Our Communities We’re United in Eradicating Insurance Fraud!

Équité Association Trust Badge

An important update you can make when joining Équité – Along with the top P&C insurers, show your commitment in fighting insurance fraud and crime by adding Équité Association’s trust badge to your website’s homepage(s) and materials!

Standing together for Canadians

  • We know fraudsters leap around our insurers, our provincial borders, and across industries.
  • This year, Canadian P&C insurers came together and collaborated on a centralized approach that brought the industry into one room.
  • It was time for Canada to manage insurance fraud as a unified front, combining the power of data analytics with the experience of investigations.
  • Équité Association represents that commitment to Canadians. Together, we are a united front in the fight against insurance fraud.

When your stakeholders, peers, and customers see this badge, they will know you are part of a bigger network working collaboratively to protect them. It is:

  • Reassurance for Canadians that they can place their trust in us.
  • Similar to recognized symbols of trust in other industries.
  • Exclusively for Équité Association members.
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Équité Association
Trust badge

Everyone has a role to play

With your support, top P&C insurers, and along with our partnerships with law enforcement agencies, port authorities and regulatory bodies, we are well positioned and united in preventing insurance fraud and crime.