Tips to Protect Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

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Keeping your vehicle safe from thieves can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you safeguard yours.

  1. Park your vehicle in a secure garage if possible.
  2. Park your vehicle in well lit areas.
  3. Lock your vehicle and activate any security systems.
  4. Never leave a vehicle running or the key or FOB in vehicle when unattended.
  5. Consider using a deterrent like a steering-wheel or brake-pedal lock, or OBD2 port blocker.
  6. Install a quality aftermarket immobilizer device with an ignition disabler that protects against relay, reprogramming, or CAN bus attacks.  
  7. If possible, turn off key FOB or place inside an RFID-blocking pouch (e.g. Faraday bag) when not in use, even at home.
  8. Use a visible or audible device that shows thieves the vehicle is protected.
  9. Equip your vehicle with a GPS tracking device.  
  10. Do not physically track your stolen vehicle or put yourself in harms way.  
  11. Always report suspicious activity to police.