Tips to Help Prevent Cargo Theft

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Équité Association maintains Canada’s only cargo theft database with information on stolen trucks, trailers, cargo and heavy equipment. While often an underreported crime, Canadian cargo losses increased by almost 30% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Our cargo theft database provides intelligence to law enforcement through 24/7 secure online access.

To help keep cargo and drivers safe, we are providing truck drivers, fleet managers, and logistics/supply chain professionals with best practices to minimize the risk of theft, damage, and loss of shipments.

Be Aware when Parking

  • Avoid Leaving Loaded Trailers Unattended: Whenever possible, avoid stopping to rest in high-crime areas or regions prone to cargo theft. Some GPS navigation systems can provide real-time security alerts to help keep drivers out of hot spots.
  • Park in Secure Areas: Choose secure parking areas or truck stops equipped with surveillance cameras, fences, security personnel, and well-lit surroundings.

Install Anti-Theft Devices and Supporting Technology

  • Employ Advanced Locking Mechanisms: High-quality locks and seals on cargo containers and trailer doors can help deter thieves.
  • Set Up Video Surveillance Inside the Cabin: This can help deter theft and vandalism, while providing evidence for an investigation in the event of an incident.
  • Install a King Pin Lock: If it is unavoidable to stage/drop a load in a high-risk area, consider installing a King Pin lock to prevent criminals from hooking up to the trailer.
  • Implement Electronic Tracking Systems: Invest in GPS tracking systems that allow you to monitor your vehicles and cargo.

Tips for Trucking and Fleet Companies

  • Perform Driver Background Checks: When hiring drivers, conduct comprehensive background checks.
  • Train and Educate Drivers: Ensure your drivers are aware of risks and understand how to implement cargo security protocols.
  • Establish Theft-Alert Communication Process: Create a communication process that will quickly alert fleet drivers when a trailer/cargo theft occurs, to enable all drivers to be vigilant and support with stolen cargo identification, where possible.